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Send Page by Email Setup Instructions

Adding Icon to the toolbar in Internet Explorer

Select View >> Toolbars and make sure there is a check by Command Bar

On the Command Bar there should be a Tools menu with a down arrow, drop this down

select toolbars >> customize

on the left scroll down until you see Send Page by email, highlight and click Add to add this icon to your command bar.

Now you should be able to just click this icon and bring up the page in your email software.

Setting up Send Page by Email on Windows 7 if grayed out.

In Windows 7 go to Control Panel
then select Default Programs
then choose Set program access and computer defaults
then choose custom, it will dropdown choices

for browser choose internet explorer
for mail choose Windows Live Mail, or if that is not there i guess choose the option that is not Use my current e-mail program.

enable access to this program must be checked.

this works with Windows Live Mail installed.

Setting up Send Page by Email on Windows XP if grayed out.

Go to Control Panel
then select Internet Options
Then select the programs tab
There will be an email dropdown, choose the mail program that you use
then select apply.

close all open browser windows.
Open a new browser, and file >> Send >> Page by email should be ready to select.