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CDG President Dave GreenWe appreciate your time reviewing our work at Creative Design Group and we hope you consider us as your website design choice. Our business has been quite successful since we opened the doors in 1997, an eternity ago in the web design business. Since that time we have learned daily, made mistakes weekly and grown annually. We have gained the respect of thousands and have made a difference for millions. We here at CDG have but one agenda, solid effort plus no excuses.

My history in sales started at age 12 selling zip code books door-to-door and I learned then not only the value of a dollar but that telling the truth, offering a product that people wanted for the right price and being friendly while doing it were exceptionally important keys to financial success. The same is even more true today. I'm not sure we travel in the same circles but I'm amazed when I get good service. It seems that bad service has become the norm. My staff can tell you that bad service is not an option with CDG. We pride ourselves on getting the job done on time, with a pleasant attitude and respect for the customer throughout the process. Call us. We're different and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Our first conversation, verbal or electronic, should say it all. You'll find a live person on the phone 8-5 Central time, Monday-Friday, just like real office hours in the old days! We are also available 24-hours-a-day via our online help request forms. Another feature of our first conversation — you'll get a price. Sure, it might have a small range to it but within the first few minutes of our conversation, you'll have a price that we'll charge for the work you need us to do. I hate it when people spend an hour trying to sell me something when all I want is a price. However, it is those such experiences that fuel my promise to always treat CDG customers the way I want to be treated.

The history of CDG is based on my math and education interests while teaching at the University of Missouri plus my 20+ years in radio broadcasting. There I honed my marketing and sales skills and learned how to be a father, boss and leader. The same year I sold the stations, CDG - the website design company, was founded. During our first three months, we studied, hard-coded html and made a few mistakes along the way. Like many of you, we sat at midnight staring at our servers as Y2K rolled in with a whimper. We have gone through so many versions of Windows that we now don't even use Microsoft products on our servers. Through all this, we have been led to where we are right now - with CDG offering you the finest website design team available.

At CDG we're not a computer or internet company. We don't repair networks or sell phone service. We do one thing better than almost anyone else — we build affordable websites that make our customers money. That seems to be enough for the hundreds of customers that have been with us since the beginning plus the dozens whose new websites we are currently building.

Thanks for visiting. We invite your feedback so email us. Request an electronic price quote, let us know what you think of our website, our portfolio or give us a suggestion. We appreciate your interest in CDG and thank you for dropping by.

Dave Green
President CDG Inc.,

Member Missouri School Board Association


Creative Design Group
205 W Laclede
Malden, MO 63863
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